Why You Should Form a Flaggerdoot

What is a Flaggerdoot?

Wildlife biologists use the term ‘Flaggerdoot’ to describe a group of jackalopes.

The term ‘Flaggerdoot’ in the educational world is used as a name for a classroom of enthusiastic young readers. Flaggerdoots are made up of students who read at the kindergarten, first grade, second grade, or third grade reading level. Each classroom is its own distinct Flaggerdoot. The readers in a Flaggerdoot are called Flaggerdooters.

What does it cost to form a Flaggerdoot?

Zero, zilch, nada. In other words, it’s totally free. Forming and running a Flaggerdoot doesn’t cost anything but it does have a lot of benefits for teachers and students.

Benefits of forming a Flaggerdoot:

• Every Flaggerdoot receives a free book donation for each classroom library or take home program when the Flaggerdoot is formed.

• Each teacher that forms a Flaggerdoot will receive one free autographed book when the Flaggerdoot is formed.

• Each flaggerdooter receives one free book every National Reading Day (which is celebrated every January 23).

• Each Flaggerdooter in a school with more than two Flaggerdoots will receive additional free books during the school year.

• In addition to free books, every Flaggerdooter will receive at least ten reading incentives throughout the school year.

To have your students enjoy all the benefits of being part of a flaggerdoot, please complete the Form Your Own Flaggerdoot form.
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